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Python + network [One]

Already installed Pycharm community edition. Now writing my first script.
It is saved as in Pycharm Projects...
I already know how to program and have some experience in python so i'm pretty much up and running for this course.
next i did how to run scripts from command line to run from command line one must have to set the executable bit 'on' of the file...
here's how to do it
chmod +x
then we can run by simply typing "' ./"' in front of the file to be exected....

Now what does "." means....
"." Dot represent current directory in Linux and Unix
".." Double Dot represent the upper working directory

Now for the second program i wrote was on variable...(simple basic stuff)
but had to get hands on so i wrote it and no errors at all...
it is saved as

Next program is

All i wrote was some for statements and some while statements.....
for "FOR" i used multiplication table and for "WHILE" i just asked it to say "you are awesome".... :D
and also created mylist variable to create a list and it also worked flawlessly

this is it... :)

I started with a script called

to say the truth these starting scripts are shit....
i'll finsh them off and after that i'll start writing again...

it's tedious and when you over do it, It becomes worthless... :/

So i've learned something good "The OS library"
it lets you to explore the os via program itself!!
it is worth exploring :)
You should look what i've done in, it is a mixture of both system(function [subprocess as in python]) form os library... and call[subprocess from "subprocess" library!!]
i will surely use that in my future programs...


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