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Basic Linux Links and usefull stuff

Hey guys
You  might be looking for Basic Linux stuff then you are at the right place... :D
I started using Linux about 5 years ago but got into it (seriously!) 1 and a half year before,
on going through the basics which i learned from many documentation provided by THE AWESOMELY GREAT ~#TLDP#~
-->The documents it provided me :
<<Download PDF if possible because it is formatted nicely in it compared to others (Not compulsory Totally Ur call) >>
It provided me real one on one interaction with THE GREAT OS EVER :D
It gave me total overview of Linux and awesomely cool tricks. It also contains exercise at the end of each lesson or chapter. You should give it a look (serious advice :P)

% Bash Guide for Beginners :

Before starting with bashing you should know bare minimum concepts of Linux <which includes placement of files, commands interaction with term and much more> which you can take from the guide above (told ya that you should have have look)
This book is amazing (that's all).
You can develop pretty good bashing skills (if read with interest (which most of you (including me (think is boring (found alternative for that (will tell u at end (and there some of you in a race to scroll down))))))) *did u counted how many braces i placed there... :P
Anyways whether you go for videos or text i would recommend you first watch the alternative and then look in each chapter from the book ( I would mark that mandatory (whether you read it on your mobile in bus or get yourself a hard copy but to get real skill read that guide (not full but do the exercise))).
With that said onto the next guide...

% Pocket Linux Guide :

Go thought the mini topics everyday (and it will make you much more knowledgeable than me (and i can pretty much assure you i know a lot to outsmart a newbie :P))

update from 2015:
     Gyus i want you know that you can find much better stuff online to get started with THE LINUX and you'll be happy about that you learned Linux or tried to learn it at some point in life :)
I'll be on this ride with you for a long time and keep you updated with all i learn! :D


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